Travis Conrad

FYS: World Going Viral

Essay 6


            Online social interaction can be used for good. A recently discovered social media site called Rippln inspired my idea of “Advertisement for Good.” Some major companies spend millions to billions of dollars a year in their advertising department. The problem with advertisement is that the idea of it is to spread your product through word of mouth. Rippln is the idea of using the power of people and spreading ideas to reward people for their purchasing power and help the companies expand their market reach. Using the Rippln model, “Advertisement for Good” would take money that would normally go directly to the people and help the under privileged in Atlanta, Georgia. “Advertisement for Good” will benefit consumers, businesses, and help aid those in Atlanta Georgia.

Advertisement for Good

            I have a very close relationship with Atlanta, Georgia. I find it very unfortunate how bad some areas of the city are. The wealth gap is very high in Atlanta, with about 1/3 of Forbes top 500 having a residency in Atlanta. Atlanta is also home to large corporations like Coca-Cola, UPS, and Home Depot. The jobs in these industries do not always supply a sufficient salary. Rippln is a social media website designed to get consumers money for the power of their voice. The idea of it is that you request friends, who share similar tastes in things with you, to be in your ripple. When someone is in your ripple then they can create their own ripple. Then when a consumer sees a app he or she likes, or a product he or she likes, they find in on Rippln and send it instantly through their ripple. Companies pay into Rippln to have their product registered on the website. With the mass amounts spent on advertising, consumers benefit from receiving money through their ripples. They also benefit by learning what other products their friends send through their ripples. The idea of Rippln can be used to promote social good.

            As discussed previously, I have a very close relationship with Atlanta, Georgia which is why the city was choose to benefit.  Atlanta is considered to be a dangerous city to live in. There are more than 80 murders a year (per 100,000 people), 17,000 thefts (per 100,000 people), and 3,500 assaults (per 100,000 people).  To put this into a greater perspective, Atlanta has around 450,000 residents. So in a given year in Atlanta there could be 360 murders, 76,500 thefts, and 15,750 assaults. There is a direct relation between the percent of population in poverty and crime rates in a city. The lower percent in poverty, the lower the crime rate. 33.2 percent of Atlanta’s population lives below the poverty line. In relation, 86 percent of non-family households are living below the poverty line. Lowering these numbers through “Advertisement for Good” would not only help those who are in poverty but it would help the whole city by lowering crime rates.

            The Rippln model will be changed a little for the social benefit. In order for ease of running the operation, companies will not pay based on how many times they are sent through the ripple. They will give in one mass sum of money. The money will then directly go to helping the underprivileged in Atlanta. The Rippln model will help more than just the underprivileged in Atlanta. It will also help the company by giving them a good name for helping underprivileged. The company will also benefit from direct word of mouth advertisement. The consumer will also benefit by finding out products, apps, games, and etc. that people with similar tastes enjoyed. 

            The desired goals for the program are as followed:

  • Help the underprivileged in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Promote quality business through social good.
  • Help the consumer through sharing of similar tastes in products.
  • Indirectly lower the crime rate in Atlanta, Georgia.   

Ideally if the project went according to plan we would accomplish the goals listed above. If the project becomes very successful it could expand regionally. With the help of others it could even expand country wide.

            Running this program would not be that difficult. We would have to hire software producers to make the program/iPhone and Android app. Then once the software was developed we would have to have a software repairs and advancement crew. We would also have to have a group of people working with numbers and the companies. Then a whole other branch of the company working with those in Atlanta. The main expense for the company would be labor and people rather than long term assets. A building would not be necessary unless the program ran large enough.

            This project is unique in the way that no project like this exactly has ever been done. There have been similar projects that deal with companies advertising in order to promote their companies morals. Companies like this include FedEx, Google, Sony, Samsung, and Apple. Also, many groups have attempted to raise money for underprivileged in cities.  Examples of this include World Vision, Children for Hope, and K.I.D.S. It is very important for the government to federally fund programs like these.

            Advertisement for Good should be federally funded for several reasons. To begin with, Advertisement for good benefits several groups of people outside of the Atlanta region. The companies who pay into the program will benefit through good promotion of moral standards and advertisement of the companies. Promoting American business will help the economy flourish. Also, it will help the average consumer. The consumer will benefit from finding products in things they like quickly. Also as expressed earlier, Atlanta is in great need of assistance with the intense amount of poverty. If the goals of this program are accomplished then we could see massive amounts of change in society. It will be very important for the government to grant federal aid to Advertisement for Good in order to help them succeed for the future.