This article makes it seem like being a college dropout isn’t too bad. However, I think Mark Zuckerberg is the exception to the college dropout situation. Zuckerberg was officially declared the highest paid CEO of 2012.

            Zuckerberg was paid more than double the second CEO on the list. He also doubled his net worth in one year. Zuckerberg also changed his salary from 500,000 to just one dollar a year. Zuckerberg made most of his money when Facebook went public and his sixty million shares were worth 2.3 billion dollars. Now that Facebook has gone public control of the company is not completely in the hands of Zuckerberg. The next few years will be interesting to watch Zuckerberg give up power and listen to others ideas. Facebook is also on a downturn in society. I think if Zuckerberg was a smart man he would sell his shares of the company soon and get out while he can still make a large profit. History has shown many young entrepreneurs try to get their companies to revive when they have simply run their course.

            Zuckerberg is a very smart man, he is the main reason Facebook is as big as it is. I am excited to see how Zuckerberg plays out his future with the Facebook company.