Most of us probably do not know what a Klout score is, nor do we care. A Klout score can be a very important thing, especially if you have one. A Klout score is a rating from one to one hundred on how much influence a person has through social media.

            The article discusses the recent invention of the Klout score. This article is more focused towards business owners. The Klout score can be very important to business owners. The book that is discussed in this article shares how a business can get their Klout score up. It would be important to a business to have a high Klout score in order to have more power and influence in social media.

            It would take more research in order to find out how much validity the Klout score has. It seems the main purpose of the article is to promote interest for the author’s book. Businesses tend to know how much power or influence they have in social media based off followers and comments.

            It will be interesting to see how far this Klout score thing goes. If it becomes a large importance to companies we could see a whole new job market open up based on improving companies Klout scores.