As a business major this article really stuck out to me. The article “Powering the Business of Fun” sticks out to me right away. After further examination of the article it had much to offer, and provided a unique view on things.

            Weigl Works is literally the company of fun. Weigl Works is a business that creates the fun little things you see at amusement parks or other recreational places. The creator of the business expresses how fun his job is. Weigl Works is a worldwide cooperation, however, Weigl Works on has four employees. The company has a software partner in California, a manufacturing partner in Austria, and a custom programming development partner in Ohio. John Kaplan is the owner of this small business. Kaplan talks about how they are not the true artists in their production. Their company just gives the articles they need in order to do their best.

            It is cool to see how business like Weigl Works seem to have so much fun yet they are still very successful. It reminds me of the atmosphere that is in the Google workplace.