This article selected relates perfectly with the general theme of our class. It discusses the fastest ten growing applications. The quickest growing apps are the ones that end up going viral. It is important to understand some of the functions of the applications discussed in the article and perhaps why they ended up going viral.

            Vine was the fastest growing app of the year and was also declared the fastest growing app in the world. Vine grew at a rate of 403 percent from Q1 to Q3. Many social media analysts believe that when Vine was re-launched through Twitter in January that caused the massive growth in Vine downloads. Flickr follows Vine on the top ten list. Flickr has been a long standing online program and was just introduced as an application for download. Other apps to make the list tend to involve social media in some way. This just verifies how society is changing to a social media society.

            It is very interesting to see which applications made the list of quickest growing applications. It is also very impressive to see how quickly Vine has grown over the past few months. I wonder if it will be able to keep up a growth rate or will it start declining?