New apps are always a topic of interest. Apps seem to become popular for several reasons. One can be how fun a game is. Angry birds for example had great graphics and was so simply to play. This helped angry birds to become popular fast. Apps can also help enhance social networking abilities. For example photo editing apps could help someone get more likes on Instagram.

            Mashable has shared a list of recent app releases that they believe have a chance to go popular. Almost all of these apps are not free. Free apps tend to have a better chance of going popular than apps that cost money. The list contains a few photo and video editing apps. The list also contains some games. I am most interested in the Donkey Kong game with a zombie twist.

            It will be interesting to see how many of these games end of going popular. If you are interested in keeping updated on the latest apps, every week Mashable posts a list of some new apps that they believe will go popular. The link below contains this week’s apps and shows you how to access the list every week.