How would you like to know how to get rich before the age of thirty? My article focused on young people and how to gain wealth quickly. Unfortunately, there is no secret trick in getting rich quickly.

            The article describes what hard work can do for a person. A few hardworking tips are described in the article. The first is the 10,000 hour rule. The 10,000 hour rule states that in order to become successful at something you must be willing to put 10,000 hours of your life into it. The author then goes on to describe how important your friends can be. If you surround yourself with hard workers it makes it easier for you to become hardworking and motivated. Finally, expanding your network can lead to greater success. The more people you know the better off you are.

            Although it would be ideal for a get rich quick scheme to be real, hard work is the only true way one can attain large amounts of wealth quickly. The article does a good job to explain how one can help themselves become a harder worker.