I am a big fan of Instagram myself. Some pictures can be really cool to share with people. With a simple upload it is done. Instagram created a whole new form of social media through picture sharing. When the article titled “8 Signs You’ve Overfiltered Your Instagram Photos” showed up on Mashable I was extremely intrigued.

            I know a large amount of kids who just go to town on editing. I always wonder why the feel the need to do so. These eight signs were also very similar to pictures that I’ve seen on Instagram. I will most likely share this article with a few of my friends. I wish they would have included a piece about the “free” giveaways people always post. Instagramers are always reposting official companies saying they will give them a free pair of shoes or a free purse or something for a repost and follow. I find it extremly annoying when these reposts fill up my Instagram timeline.

            After reading this article you should skim through your own Instagram if you have one. If you have any pictures to this extreme extent of editing maybe consider deleting them. After you see some older edited photos, try to remember why you edited the photo so much. You might find some old jems in your photos.