Blackberry has seemed to be a dying phone since the invention of the iPhone. People seem to respond to the touch screen, the overall ease, and features of the iPhone more than the Blackberry. Blackberry now has the potential to be bought out. The question is will they do it? The article discusses other companies that failed to allow buy outs at the right time and lost billions of dollars. If the Blackberry board of directors sees the potential for a complete turnaround I do not think they will sell the company. To keep their current performance rate will get them nowhere in the cellphone market. The reported buyout is worth 4.7 billion dollars. Patents are the main asset the company has control of. My only problem with this situation is who is buying Blackberry? I do not understand why a company would want to take over this business. Unless, they are not necessarily attempting to turn the company around but rather use the current investments, assets, and other equipment the company has for their company. Selling the patents and attempting to regain some money lost in the buyout. It will be interesting to see how the buyout plays out.