Apple, to many, is considered to be the “top product line.” Apple embraces this to
make their products sell at large costs to the people. What many product analysis’s
believe however is that Apple can afford to sell their products at such high
costs because of the uniqueness of the products. They certainly haven’t failed
us in the anticipatory event of the release of their new products Tuesday. The
iPhone 5s is the first product announced to be released. Obviously an upgrade
from the iPhone 5. The second product is the iPhoneC. Not only is this the
first time Apple will be releasing two products at the same time, but it is
also the first time society does not know much about the product. According to the
article, the C either stands for “Color” or “China.” This iPhone is supposed to
be a less expensive iPhone which comes in many colors. The article suggests
that Apple is developing a less expensive iPhone to tap into markets that it hasn’t
reached yet (china and other developing nations). This is an in genius idea by
apple in my opinion, unless it effects revenue in the United States. It will be
interesting to see how well the product does globally and if one of the
wealthiest companies in the world can expand its wealth even more.