I believe that it was just a matter of time before this information was leaked
to the public. It has been officially discovered that the NSA (National
Security Agency) can access all information in smartphones. Specifically,
iPhone, Blackberry, and Android can be breached. This is the ultimate big
bother situation. I have thought from the start however which so much data in
one phone the government has to be able to access these phones without much
difficulty. The part of the article that caught my eye is the fact that the
government can access computer files and records once an iPhone has been synced
to a computer. Some things I would like to explore with this article include,
how much of the information acquired from “spying” on these phones and
computers can be used in a criminal case. I do not believe what the government
is doing here is right. Does this “spying” fall under the legislation of the
P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act. There are so many more questions to be answered and it will
be very interesting to see how society handles this new information. It will
also be interesting to see how the government explains this information to
society and what happens from there.