Travis Conrad

FYS: World Going Viral

Essay Assignment 1

            When I read the criteria stating that the interviewee had to be at least forty years old I knew just who to call. My Aunt Amy (Nuttall), who is the baby of my mother’s inner family so she never really gets picked on for her age. While conducting the interview I made sure she understood the criteria of the interview and, to her despite she fit it. Although my aunt is the youngest she gave my some good insight during our interview. Technology makes it quicker and easier for students to get information while writing an information paper, however she made it very clear there are many dangers with technology.

            Some people believe that with the click of a button humans can have any piece of information right in front of them. In a way that statement is true. The first thing most people do today (especially students) when they don’t know a piece of information is pull out our smart phones and do a quick google search. I have never thought about how people found information before the digital age, and I would feel confident saying that not many teenagers have either. When asked “what was the most difficult step in your paper-writing process?”

Nuttall said “Gathering the information and locating all of the resources needed to write the paper.” Which came as a surprise to me, but after a little more thinking, I realized this should be no surprise at all. Without the internet would students even know how to go find a book in the library, once they have the respective book would they know where to look in the book to get the information they need? Nuttall shared that she would gather information at the library using all of the libraries resources. Once she found a book the table of contents and glossary were very important tools. Nuttall went on to say that she wish she had the internet during the time she had to write her papers. I don’t blame her either. Think about how long one research paper would take out of a day. Going to find the books, reading in the books, most likely wasting some time reading pieces of information that are not relevant because we don’t have our “control find” to find specific words or phrases.

Above is just one example of how much quicker students can access information. Nuttall believes that one advantage students today have is the ease of accessing information. In her eyes, if used properly the internet is a wonderful tool for research. We often take for granted how wonderful it is though. I can’t imagine many of the students reading this will remember the last time the checked a book out of the library. If you can however, when you went to the library you most likely went to one of the computers available to make sure that the book you were looking for was in, so you didn’t waste any time searching for a book that wasn’t there. This is just example of how the internet has made our access to information easier. Textbook are another good example, most of us for school this year ordered our textbooks online. In new additions of the textbooks we purchased, you can go online and find more resources to make learning easier. The internet probably made this essay a little easier for some of us. If we wanted to e-mail our interviewee or instant message them so we had the whole conversation right in front of us. Although the internet has made lots of progress for studies and research papers, there is plenty to be warned about when using the internet in any situation.

            Nuttall seemed to express large concern for the internet during most of the internet. Nuttall shares that people are beginning to lose the ability to write with a pen in paper due to the development of the computer and internet. She then began to tear into the internet. Stating every con in her mind at the time she went on to inform me that information could be stolen very easily, people do not know what information to trust, and there is an unreal amount of inappropriate information on the internet.

            “If they wanted to, and knew how to, my eight year old kids could look at porn. That is if I had eight year old kids.” Nuttall stated regarding some of the inappropriate material on the internet. She also believes that society is becoming too impersonal relying on text or e-mail to do things that should be done in person. A break up was one example she provided. I bet some of us do know someone who has broken up with someone over text message.

            My aunt Amy provided wonderful insight during our interview, expressing how much technology can make a research paper easier to write through ease and speed of accessing information. After conducting this interview it really changed my perspective of things and how far we have come as a society. When I asked my aunt what her best research paper she ever wrote was she had a very hard time remembering. In fact, she really couldn’t.

In my head I was just thinking, “Well don’t you have an extra copy or something, I mean it is your best work.” Then I remembered, that technology was not available at the time. With the invention of the internet no doubt the ease of access of information has increased. Is our society becoming too dependent on the internet though?