<pWe saw a dramatic decision made in United States legislation. Last November, two states, Colorado and Washington, made recreational marijuana legal. In the United States with our Supremacy Clause in place, the federal law automatically holds supremacy over any state law created. Currently in the U.S. the use of marijuana is illegal for medical or recreational use. So for Colorado and Washington it was dangerous to set up the regulation, taxes, and sub laws or marijuana because the citizens of those states could be federally prosecuted, leading to incarceration.  On Thursday, August 29, 2013, a choice was made by the federal government to not prosecute violators of the federal marijuana laws as long as they are abiding by their state laws. This choice has the potential to make colleges safer believe it or not. When a college student thinks about college they typically think about the weekends, and more specific, the parties. Whether you are of age or not, the idea behind drinking alcohol is to experience a euphoric feeling. Typically college students drink to get drunk. The quickest way to get drunk; hard liquor. Students will drink large amounts of hard liquor quickly to reach the euphoric feeling as quickly as possible. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 80,000 deaths each year from drinking too much alcohol. Marijuana has similar effects on one’s mind, creating a eutrophic feeling. There are no known recorded deaths from excess marijuana in one’s system. With the legalization of marijuana nationwide, it would create an easier access to the drug, which could lead to a substitution of marijuana for hard liquor, creating ultimately a safer buzz. Think about it for a little bit, no one has ever died from overdosing on marijuana, rarely are people rushed to the hospital for marijuana overdose, no one has ever needed their stomach pumped from marijuana overdose. What do you think? Could legalization create a safer party environment in colleges and universities?