Tim Tebow, known for his famous “tebowing”, has made the news yet again. This time it was not for dating Taylor Swift, or leading a team to an unexpected win, but for being released from the New England Patriots. When Tebow failed to generate a lot of attention this off season in the free agent market, many people wondered if his NFL career was over. However, what seemed to be Tim Tebow’s calling, ultimately putting him right back where he started; questioning his future. The New England Patriots had picked Tebow up during the offseason as almost a last minute kind of ordeal. I think in the back of everyone’s mind, people knew Tim Tebow was going to be picked up by some team. No one knew by who, or when he was going to be picked up though. So when New England picked him up it almost seemed to be the perfect fit. He was a winner on a winning team so to speak. Tebow failed to impress anyone during his preseason performances though which lead him to be cut on August 30, 2013. This came as a surprise to very few people. Tebow was never known to be a good quarterback. He lead his teams to wins which allowed him to remain in the NFL as long as he did, but his inability to run an offense around himself would be his ultimate downfall. Tebow seems very optimistic believing in a bright future from himself. Is it possible for a Tim Tebow return? Only time will tell.